Emigrant & Pray

The Livery & Old Saloon

3 miles North

Yes, Buffalo Bill and Calamity Jane did frequent this establishment long ago. Luckily, it’s still alluring to those on the wild side and the food is really tasty too. Delicious breakfast, lunch and dinner…but note there may be a wait. Drinks are available from 8am until the cows come home (2am) :). 

Sinclair's Gas & Grocery

3 miles North

Don’t let the green dinosaur fool you! This little gem of a general store is amazingly well stocked with a bevy of ingredients and necessities (including some organic and non-dairy).

Wildflour Bakery & Cafe

3 miles North

The most adorable cafe and bakery with pastries, bread, coffee and sandwiches. Gluten-free available on certain items. We heart those Wildflour ladies and gents (and their cinnamon rolls). 

Follow Yer Nose BBQ

3 miles North

A big statement, but we have to make it, this is the BEST BBQ in Montana. And maybe Washington too. How lucky are we? Excellent beer and wine selection as well. Remember to get their sauces if you are doing take-out!

Chico Hot Springs Resort

6.8 miles Northeast

Chico is cherished, adored and iconic for a reason. Classic buffet breakfasts, semi-formal Sunday brunches, poolside lunches, outstanding dinners (formal & informal), frosty drinks, and of course, their soul-soothing, body-healing, raucously-fun hot springs, where you can soak your cares away. Be sure to bring your swim suit. Reedfly has outside towels for your use.

Sage Lodge

4.5 miles North

The sparkling new 5 Star lodge has an impressive spa, upscale restaurant and lovely architecture. The perfect locale for a cocktail or glass of champagne, a fabulous pizza at their Fireside Lounge or a more formal dinner at The Sage Grill. Reservations recommended.

Yellowstone Valley Grill

10 miles North

A gorgeous culinary experience with local, farm-to-table ingredients and unexpected infusions + fusions that elevate the cuisine even further. Reservations highly recommended.

(406) 333-4162

Pine Creek

Pine Creek Lodge & Cafe

18 miles North

Cute and quirky cafe with good food, music and intermittent poetry readings.


Gardiner Market

27 miles South

Excellent grocery store carrying all the essentials and then some.

Wonderland Cafe

28 miles South

Fresh and delicious menu in a casual but very cute environment.

Yellowstone Pizza

28 miles South

No frills but very classic pizza joint right outside of the Park. Beer and wine only (just noting if you need a cocktail after any bear encounters :)).

Grizzly Grille

28 miles South

Tasty food truck meets Yellowstone National Park.

(406) 451-1419

Lighthouse Restaurant

20 miles South

Unexpectedly good and a nice surprise based on the location, as well as the atmosphere.


Albertson's Grocery Store

25 miles North

Strangely well stocked for a small town grocery store. Vegetable selection isn’t fabulous but excellent for staple items.

Matt's Butcher Shop

25 miles North

Just a few blocks north of Albertson’s, this is a small gem of a shop that provides amazing meats, as well as a no-frills, but exceptionally good, deli. Closed Sundays and Mondays.

2nd Street Bistro

26 miles North

Upscale French Dining in MT (who knew? :))

Neptune Brewery

Festivity abounds in the adorable nautical-esque new brewery and it is a true testament to joyful living and dining. Have a cold brew, a cocktail, a sushi roll, a terrific taco…or any number of their other tasty fare.

Gil’s Goods

26.6 miles North

Great cafe with even better baked bread and pizza.

The Mint

27 miles North

Oldest Liquor License in Montana and very good food. We covet their terrifically authentic interior, the neon cowgirl and the hamburgers.

Uncorked Wine Bar & Gourmet Cellar

26.6 miles North

Savor a beautiful glass of wine (or a bottle) and cheese from foreign and not-so-foregin lands, in the quintessentially historic Livingston Train Depot

Mark's In & Out Burger

25 miles North

A classic drive-in with fantastic hamburgers. Prepare for a line.

Mustang Fresh Food

Loved by locals and celebrities alike, this is an upscale, absolutely delicious place to dine. Reservations recommended for dinner. Have a fabulous lunch in or take out for a wonderful picnic option.

Empire Twin Theatre

25.5 miles North

Catch a current show, eat some popcorn and be taken back to a different era.

The Owl Lounge

25.5 miles North

They specialize in martinis. Need we say more?

Sacajawea Park

25 miles North

Great locale for a picnic (grab some wine, cheese and bread at the Gourmet Cellar!).

Fancy's Sips & Sapphires

25 miles North

Panning for Montana sapphires within a soda fountain that serves Wilcoxson’s Ice Cream. What?



50.3 miles Northwest

A beautiful dining experience that is defined as a raw bar and fusion bistro. They pride themselves on procuring the freshest, most sustainable seafood, locally sourced meats and produce available. Prepare for an exceptional dinner that truly delights all the senses.


God’s Country deserves great sushi and you do too! This isn’t a Jiro Ono joint but if you need an immediate fresh fish fix, this is the go-to place in Bozeman.


Not your staid, to-be-expected, Montana steakhouse. Plonk is a wine bar first-and-foremost but with fantastic craft cocktails and food that will surprise you (in the most delightful way). Sweet pea croquettes, Massaman curry and Wagyu beef tenderloin are just a few of the delicious menu items. And their matchbooks are grab worthy too. For those of you staying with us at Reedfly, the owner of Plonk owns the Old Saloon in Emigrant too. Woot!


Forging the most beautiful pastas and crafting meals that will take you right back to Italy. But wait! You’re in Montana! What? Wild. 


This Robinbird is a fan of this Blackbird restaurant. Stylish, sophisticated and tasty, be sure to book in advance and enjoy tapas style plates and fall-over-with-happiness wood fired pizzas.


Ready for a brewsky and a fabulous burger? Wait times can be lengthy but the food is worth the wait.


Gorgeous Indian food in a gorgeous, sumptuous environment. Add a little spice to your Montana trip and taste all this beautiful life has to offer. 


Yup. Turner is the only thing missing from the name. Classic classic classic and good. True Americana Dining in a truly Americana town.


So cute and perfect for a casual meet-up with your friends or family. Gluten and dairy-free friendly.


Yes there is Korean food in Bozeman. Happy happy haaappppy dance. Relatively healthy. Always spicy with fabulous sizzle. What’s not to love? 


5 stars. Every time. Classic french in a charming, warm Victorian house that boasts the friendliest service as well as phenomenal food. Lovely is an understatement and worth the trip.

Bozeman CO-OP

Community owned and always reliably good, fresh, local produce. This is a small grocery store that packs a (very friendly and always PC) punch with their organic vegetables, meats and dairy selection.  


We make a smoked mozzarella, tomato basil tart here at Reedfly (honestly to die for) and the only place we can find the cheese is here. It’s an hour away from us but sometimes you have to go the distance to get the best. I imagine you agree. Right in the heart of Montana State University, you will experience collective collegiate pride that celebrates great cheese and other fabulous selections. Go Bobcats!