Suggested Watching

Making the most of your Paradise Valley // Yellowstone Trip

Plan Your Yellowstone Trip, Dr Jeff Reed

Geology and History of Paradise Valley // Yellowstone National Park

Great Yellowstone Thaw, Dr Kirk Johnson

Making North America, Dr Kirk Johnson

Paradise Valley // Yellowstone National Park Animals + Birds

Peter Murray is a wonderful photographer that is also a hobbiest Ornithologist. Many of his bird shots are taken at Reedfly Farm and provide a look into the birds of Paradise Valley.

Beautiful Movies Shot in Livingston, MT

A River Runs Through It


Ecology and Environment

Trout Country: Fly Fishing on a Changing Yellowstone, Sierra Club (featuring Dr Jeff Reed)

This short film takes you down the Yellowstone River to Paradise Valley, Montana, renowned for its world-class fly fishing. It demonstrates the very real economic, environmental, and emotional impacts of a rapidly changing climate on the community living in Paradise Valley.

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Culinary & Culture

Anthony Bourdain

Bourdain Parts Unknown Montana Essay

Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown Recap Montana

Jim Harrison