“And into the forest I go, to lose my mind and find my soul”
— John Muir

We’ve hand-picked some of the best hikes near us based on distance from the lodge, fishing access, one-way adventures (where we pick you up on the other side) and skill / endurance.

Additionally, we can help select the best hike based on your personal needs. Contact us at stay@reedfly.com with your questions and we’ll assist you in crafting an itinerary that is perfect for your group.​

For information and pricing on shuttle services or guided hikes with a naturalist, please see our activities pricing page for estimated amounts.

Picnic Lunches, Bear Spray, Backpacks (with first aid supplies), and binoculars rentals available upon request. ​

Hikes marked with an asterisk (*) require a shuttle service.

NameTotal DistanceLocationFishingIntensity Level
Big Creek1-5 milesMapYesEasy to Moderate
Passage Falls5.3 milesMapNoModerate
Elbow Lake15.7 milesMapYesModerate to Advanced
Thompson Lake11.7 milesMapYesModerate to Advanced
Cedar Creek & OTO Ranch2.8 milesMapYesEasy to Moderate
Petrified Forest Interpretive Trail2.1 milesMapYesEasy to Moderate
Pine Creek Falls (& Lake)2.5 miles (11.7 miles)MapYesEasy to Moderate
Middle Gardner River (& Osprey Falls)*6 miles*MapNoModerate
Upper Gardner River (& Fawn Lake)7 miles (14 miles)MapNoModerate
Wraith Creek Falls1 mileMapYesEasy
Lava Creek to Gardner River*4.5 miles*MapNoModerate
Rescue Creek Trail*8.1 miles*MapYesModerate to Advanced
Lower Lamar River*2-8 miles*MapYesEasy to Moderate
Trout and Buck Lakes1.2-2 milesMapYesEasy
Soda Butte & Pebble Creek*4 miles*MapYesEasy to Moderate
Ice Lake (& Gibbon River)4.5 milesMapYes (Gibbon)Moderate
Grebe Lake (and/or Cascade Lake)5 miles (or 10 miles)MapYesModerate

We recommend the Hiking Project for additional hikes and suggestions.